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Simply Ramen – Simply The Best?

Simply Ramen – Simply The Best?


Simply Ramen Shop: Taste The Best Ramen In Shanghai

Everyone has that go-to place where they can just sit back and unwind after a long day at work. While it is simply named Ramen Shop, don’t be deceived. Here, you’ll find the best bowl of comforting ramen in the Shaanxi Nan Lu area.

This little restaurant boasts of a variety of ramen bowls. It has the usual tasty black rendition of the popular Japanese dish as well as the red or spicy iteration. It even has a veggie version.

Interestingly, Ramen Shop has a “yellow” option for its ramen. This features a sumptuous curry flavor that will give you a tasty companion during the rainy season.

There are also a good range of sides and craft beers. This includes the Brooklyn lager plus high balls to wash all the umami taste down.

The shop has gotten rave reviews for its ramen. It has been described as being modern, cozy with a good selection of high-quality food.

The soup’s broth is tasty without being too overwhelming to the senses. The slice of pork that accompanies it is always tender as it should be. Classic ingredients are part of each bowl: seasoned egg, seaweed sheets, bamboo shoots, and bean sprouts, among others.

Visit Ramen Shop and enjoy a good ramen in a row of bar seats facing the kitchen or in the spacious upstairs dining room.




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