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Noodles With A Twist At Mendo

Noodles With A Twist At Mendo


Noodles With A Twist At Mendo

A good summer night’s dinner requires good noodles. An affordable stop in the Xintiandi area is Mendo. It is the newly-opened noodle shop by the Paris Bleu group. It is located at the center of Xintiandi. Specifically, you can find it on the 2nd floor of Xinli.

Mendo creates affordable noodles that will definitely please your palate. Plus, you can’t find ordinary noodles here since each bowl comes with fusion twists.

The shop boasts of its Chinese Beef Noodles, which is its take on Gansu Province’s classic Lanzhou Lamian. Mendo also has Spicy Pork Noodles that features a great balance of spicy and sweet flavors.

If you’re looking for something a bit lighter on the palate, the Vietnamese Beef Pho is the perfect dish for you. Meanwhile, vegetarians can rejoice over Mendo’s Vegetarian Soba which is also gluten-free.

Moreover, the restaurant offers a variety of non-noodle dishes as well. The menu includes Japanese-style Chicken Curry Rice and the Thai Fried Rice with Duck.

The noodle shop’s affordable price range and high-quality food is more than enough to draw in locals and tourists alike. If you find yourself in Xintiandi, make sure to drop by and enjoy a bowl of good ‘ol noodles.



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