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Dog House Gourmet Hot Dogs Shanghai

Dog House Gourmet Hot Dogs Shanghai


Dog House, Shanghai 热狗屋


388 Madang Lu, SOHO Fuxing Plaza, B2, Room 06, near Fuxing Zhong Lu


Dog House 热狗屋,一家热狗专门店,每家店的门口都有一个真的 Dog House,里面有一只可爱的小狗坐镇,店铺虽小,但整体铺以鲜艳的颜色和暖光照明,目光忍不住被吸引。

这里的热狗口味丰富,馅料扎实,光是听名字就忍不住雀跃起来。费城牛肉狗、韩国烤肉狗、俄式风情狗、芝士总汇狗还有素食主义狗等等, 让热狗烤肠爱好者忍不住口水分泌增多!

除了热狗本身馅料的口味丰富意外,还可以自主搭配不同口味的酱料,让你的热狗味道更浓郁。如果选择热狗当正餐,Dog House 还有可以搭配的小食,是用类似于狗狗的饭盆装盘,喜欢狗狗的食客想必萌心大发。

值得一提的是 Dog House 的打包盒与打包带,质量考究,即使装着刚出炉的热狗也不用担心很快走样或变冷,包装袋好看又硬质,反复使用更环保哦。

喜欢大块朵颐美式热狗和汉堡的小伙伴们,也可以参考好吃的 Bistro Burger 汉堡哦!

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Dog House Review (Shanghai)

Dog House is a specialty hot dog store where you can be greeted by a lovely toy-puppy at the door. The interior is decked out in bright colors and warm lighting, making you feel more than at home.

Fans of full-bodied hotdogs boasting rich flavors and import sauces will have their taste buds spoiled here.

Contact us to see if there are any Dog House discount coupons available.

Their wide array of creative house bites include: Philly Beef Hot Dog, Korean Barbecue Hot Dog, Russian Flavor Hot Dog, Cheese Club Hot Dog, Vegetarian Hot Dog.

Not to mention, all items are also served in a dog bowl when eating in-store.





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