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Brothers Kebab – Shanghai

Brothers Kebab – Shanghai


Brothers Kebab 兄弟烤肉店

一家 Kebab 烤肉专门店

Brothers Kebab 是在 2013 年来到上海的烤肉店,几个来自丹麦的好友,达成共识后,就这么卷起袖管,开始了他们的烤肉店生涯。

也就是这样开着开着,不知不觉,越来越多的 Brothers Kebab 兄弟烤肉店分店开始出现在上海街头。

Brothers Kebab 的理念就是:诚心实意!希望以真心实意合理的价格给食客们好品质、好味道的烤肉卷。


Brothers Kebab 兄弟烤肉店从上午11:00一直开到深夜11:00,周末更是延长到凌晨4:00,无时无刻都能买到好吃的烤肉卷,也是深夜夜宵的好选择。

蔬菜配上烤肉,再挑选上自己喜欢的酱料,来个扎实的肉卷。平时吃多了肉丸,在 Brothers Kebab 可吃不到,那个绿油油的状似肉丸的家伙其实是蔬菜素丸。口渴的话,搭配饮料和啤酒,想必喜欢布鲁克林啤酒的人也不在少数!


跟着 Kanzaichi,先看再吃!

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Brother’s Kebab Review (Shanghai)

Brothers Kebab is a local Kebab shop established since Shanghai 2013.

The quick backstory: A few good friends from Denmark reached an agreement, rolled up their sleeves and started their career of running a Kebab shop.

As time and business progressed, more and more Brothers Kebab branches were born on the streets of Shanghai.

Brothers Kebab’s philosophy is: Honesty and Sincerity! It hopes to provide customers with good quality and taste at sincere and reasonable pricing.

Contact us to see if there are any Brothers Kebab discount coupons available.

These aren’t your everyday meatballs here, as the greenish meat balls are made of vegetables. To quench your thirst, BK also offers a neat range of soft drinks and import beer like the Brooklyn Beer.

The word Kebab is Arabic, meaning big chunks of marinated meat barbecued with fire, Kebabs were originally a delicacy from Turkey, however it rose in popularity throughout Asia and Europe.

Brothers Kebab opens from 11:00 am to 11:00pm. The closing time extends to 4:00 am at weekends.






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