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MediaPack by Kanzaichi

Our MediaPack consists of 4 Items

1x Promotional Video (Film)
1x Graphic Design Pack (Design)
1x Photography Pack (Photography)
1x Press Release (Writing)

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Ask yourself... How will you stay in front of your customers?

Content Production

Our digital production and media pack is dedicated to helping your brand create the right experience and identity for your venue.

Content is king. Content is currency. Content is both.

Constant Positioning

Your entire online content and digital asset are the main pieces to keeping
your visitor engaged. We believe in constant positioning.

The design, voice, personality, and essence of your content is
what speaks to the heart of your website’s visitors.

Quality content is associated with the quality experience.

Powerful online marketing methods allows yo uto
“be where people” are searching.

Production Types

We currently provide the following types of content production, which you can share with you readers:

Blog Posts
Case Studies
Press Releases

Every process requires detailed planning, development, and strategic


You want your content delivered to screens of your potential customers. And how do you achieve this?

Search Engine Optimization/Placement – Both on and off site

Social Media Marketing